Signs and Haircuts

by Skeleton Ring

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released May 30, 2018

All beats produced by KLAME. Words by Klame and hey_zeus recording/mixing by KLAME at Black Creek Studio.


all rights reserved



Skeleton Ring Courtenay, British Columbia

Skeleton Ring is KLAME and hey_zeus. Hailing from the little city known as Courtenay BC. These two have known of each other for years but it took a sit and chat at a local cafe for them to decide to work. And work they did! KLAME got busy producing all new beats and they wrote and recorded their first project in the next 5 following
Black Creek studio sessions.
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Track Name: Little City
little city rise up to work
in the morning
little city rise up to work
and i'm yawning

see me out here in the rain arriving wet again
maybe dry by lunch time kinda maybe a pain
need to invest in an umbrella i guess
but when the wind starts to howl it flips inside out
and you toss it in the trash yup you throw it out
disposable society I hate to go that route
makes me wanna shout how we wasting water
and we hollering drought
so I zip up my hood and hope for the best
it's a gamble up here in the north west
rain forests and rivers lakes and glaciers
enough water here yup im up to my ears
lovin every minute never one to complain
see me out here in the rain arriving wet again
see me out here in the rain arriving wet again

.hear the alarm ring, blankets off tossed / then wash and sing toothbrush and floss / morning again dreams have been lost / but I got new ideas on // the freedom received after work / coliseum battle no hurt / the arena action net worth / complete distraction words dispersed // so I get dressed, tuck in my shirt / flip the day over like invert / skip away little city curse / but it's a blessing to me first // the rain never bothers me man / west coast is a part of me fam / wet float stay strong be like a dam / arrange a plan, do what I can // to stay water proof, walk dry shoes / hood up greyest hues, talk fly true / with no lies used downpour infused / island mind design interview.
Track Name: Intuition
listen to your premonition
listen to your intuition

.symbolism mixed intuition gets written / optimism has activation new mission / plague the system with repetition additions /premonitions feel like juxtapositions // got energy nuclear fission here given / atom collision, matter imprisoned, driven, / making decisions, scalpel incision listen / taking peace in, sitting lotus position // fantasy flying, a gryphon when rhyming / magically shining precision all timing / this is fantastical beasts and where to find them / got the grammatical reach when word combining // stars and celestial bodies aligning / building a temple, monumental keep climbing / inventiveness so eventful, worth defining / real competitive with a soul thats inspiring //

You gotta feel it in your bones
Before you leave home
Lace up your kicks
And get in the zone
Step out the door
Ask for no more
Than simple directions
To find whats in store
And when it’s time
for one more line
Im sure you'll feel fine
With just a few sips of wine
Sometimes I’m all right
To be left behind
Other times i find
I gotta grind
Stay focused and climb
That green limb to find
The freshest fruit
The apple of my eye
When stars align
I’ll make up my mind
To move with intuition
Fast forward or rewind
Press pause in time
On time all time
I climb incline
Signs designed
Paid in kind
Stops decline
last word
And signed
Track Name: Ancient
Runnin runnin on the hot hot sand
Runnin runnin as fast as I can
Runnin runnin from dawn till dark
Runnin runnin by the light of the stars

.been burned a few times, combustion / skin melt flesh cooked fine, seduction / been killed so sublime, destruction / ending these lines like discussions // but my sentences stay run on / speak with breathlessness words belong / placed next to each other lifelong / make quests to discover beyond // many moons haven't seen the dawn / I consume beginnings prolonged / wave hey_zeus in the pantheon / sleep in temples since babylon // never know where memories go / since the gods have been forgotten / all I hold is me remembering souls / is there's a certain allotment // -----------------------------------

There's no escape
on the path I take
Oasis shade
only dreams i make
Disillusioned by
illusion mind
Trick of the hand
Mirage in the sand
Storm blows up
and covers the sun
Dont know why
but i start to run
Lost again
I circle back
Points of reference
Have all gone black
Hope is fleeting
All looks bleak when
Dessert shifts
like new mountain peak In
front of me and
Cant take another
Movement of feet can
I find my treasure
And head back home
Answer no
Im forced to roam
I dont like winds melody
Cant stand the tone
Sounds so errie
Thoughts so off
My mind is lost
Track Name: Pulse
pulse pound blood found capillary / touch sound here now adversary / battle grounds sample Hail Marys / shotgun end zone legendary // crash kill mercenary bury / six feet scary solitary / tweak speak high peaks visionary / unwary peace repeats rarely // exceptional luminary / acceptable literary / delectable culinary / intentional cemetery // impressionable head carries / unconventional thoughts barely / crossing waters choppy ferried / between mountains rocky varied //

Goin' through some stuff
Got people prayin' for me
Maybe it helps
This very day I could be
Feelin' a bit better
Feeling quite free
Where do these thoughts go
Better yet where do they come from
How can they go
fast to slow
And make me come so undone
Well its back to the drawing board
3 2 and 1
Could these pills
Become My vice
or just a unofficial plus one
To the prom in the prime of my life
Graduate to a healthy man
And toss my cap in the air
With a gown still on
Like i forgot what to wear
So this will have to do
And make the best of it
Start on the right shoe
And take the deficit
As loss incurred
Get a grip and swallow it
But There’s two sides
To every banana split
Cause when your done
You aint feelin it

Feel it beat
Heart in me
Feel the beat
On repeat
Inspire fire
divine inside
Chest fulla heat
breathe between
Words inspired
To make it higher
Mic to wire
Plug desire
In stereo to find
Fine design
On my mind

taking cues social casually / shaking news vocal maladies / breaking through hopeful casualty / murder death formalities / the actuality doesn't / succumb to desires running / to get past the numb height summit / undone mind weighs a ton plummet // humdrum conundrums ten dozen / think somethings there when it wasn't / the fall creating concussions / applaud debating discussions // this is all set to percussion / tied together in post production / everything that I'm becoming / is spontaneous combustion.

Found where I am
To be my medicine
I am what I found
Through medal in
in affairs foreign
To My next of kin
Break the chain
Of blind faith
And blinding ways
Can't walk straight
Or find your way
But alas I did
Through breath from trees
And creating kid
Now ocean taste
Washes my face
Left rat race
To make new place
Out Of old tastes
haunts old in case
You forgot golden days
Gumboots on
no shoe lace
swim suits in case
You find a good spot
To jump in like bathe
Track Name: Newsflash
I dont want your oil
But my car needs gas
Its just a privilage
I hope it does not last
Rather go electric
I need more cash
Check out my dividends
The stacks go by so fast
They really need to change
It’s our home ON native land
Should be the first task
Ideas rearranged
The eons have their plans
Uncompromised alive
Current ways hard to grasp
We must try our best
Break the mould of the cast
Make sure old values are
Nothing short of smashed
Eventually we can
Expose the hold stretched out vast
Revert back to nature
Watch the colony collapse
News flash
We need that
As bad as a rash needs a scratch
To material possessions
We can't get attached
Relapse contact in fact
Sit back relax aftermath
Detached abstract combat
Lit match lip blast acrobat
Dudes rad! whos dad?
New pad? too glad
Lose that bruise bad
Cruise fat and too sad
Happiness is fleeting
So I arrange meetings that
Have seating frequent seizing
Feelings with meaning to trap
Track Name: Don't Give a...uh
.trust is a commodity hard to hold / lust is an anomaly with a scope / that's tough to show even with sparks you know / will light up the dark watch it ignite slow // the faster the better dead weather grows / disaster vendetta warm sweater sown / underlying meaning amongst the tone / death defying dreaming replace the throne // my perception has intentions that roam / it's contention makes investments I own / slight detection write inflection so bold / fight perspective hype relentless mind told // me to leave it alone keep off the phone / bury skeleton bones dig deep what's known / then let it all go there no point to blow / apart the things that are good so just cope //

the truth is so many people will lie / the noose is hung up above and it's tied / I gave enough rope so they could do it right / let go of the hope hands limp to the side // it didn't take much effort all despite / the words that were said resigned to feel like / they were actually meant combined with insight // I found out it was all a ploy to bite / hook line and sinker the water flows fine / until the ripples turn to waves alive / tsunami destroy no rescue design // do not resuscitate, let them all die / do not investigate, wasn't a crime / even though there's parts stolen it's alright / that's what happens when you trust every time.

Fans so few and far between
I ve never known what it means
To rely on them
Ha i do it for me
And dont give a what
Do it for the feeling i get in my gut
Done it for so long
Way past the first cut
This here is groud beef
But it not butchered up
Been such a slice
A cross section of my life
My biggest fan
I also call my wife
And shell tell me its off key
Or if its her favorite one
That I put out so far
It’s been quite the run
A few shows here
A few shows there
Didn't get too discouraged
When they stopped giving a care
I cant lie sometimes i try
To do it all for the likes
Face book friends
comment s like yikes
This is so lame

Get back to the basics
beats and rhymes
No fakeness
Not tryin'
to jump onto the latest
Maybe its boom bap
Yeah it might be that
One thing I’m darn sure
It’s original rap
Won’t get caught in a trap
Like a rabbit in a snare
Call me crazy hare
I’m outta there
In a sense that my mind is gone
But i can still reign it in
To write one more song
All the drums sound the same
So does what they say
It’s poetry darnit
What can you convey
What can you display with
The words that you spray
Like sprinkler in the summer
I write for relief
Like catching some shade
underneath a trees leaf
Throw me some shade
Throw me disbelief
I come right back at you
Make Athiests believe
Track Name: Runaway
Gotta stay strong
No turning back
Watch day burn bright
Watch night turn black
Keep it moving along
Know when to say no
with what they call flow
Show up ready to blow
Get my mind in the game
Knock it out the box
Smashing the frame
Change into clean sox
But as funky as ever
Makin' sure the beat rocks
Back back back and forth
Up for the challenge
Writing one more
Typing one more
Lighting one more
To ignite then soar
Like rocket blast
Still stop and ask
Inline with dreams?
then dream s'more
Put up a fight
Go down swingin'
Keep chords in line
And keep on singing

.capture the damage picture the fathoms / weapon word brandished hit points to ravage / sentence to challenge battles so savage / death threats real mammoth topple eat vanish // repeat defeat complete my advantage / discrete deceit concrete build mismanaged / deadbeat delete hot seat to examine / high heat retreat athlete the whole package // so full exposed this flow controlled composed / with fire desire flame pyre ghost rider explode / behold the growth enclosed disclosed and told / through wires acquired transpired fibre writer implode // over beats repeat overload corrode / acid sheets rhymes peak overlord unfold / rapid speak timed unique transposed so bold / never cold my hold
Track Name: End of the World
.plauges and virusus death inside lifeless / cross the wires up to see who's the livest / desires of lust comprising the stuff / that destroys the world Big Bang provides us // with sciences we understand righteous / over sit situations smoke highness / create sentence structures in my likeness / levels above acid rain cloud crisis // you can see the image in my iris / it's a story so ancient and timeless / pattern swings saturns rings fight Osiris / clash god of war underworld lord tyrant // house of the holy stone temple pilot / voices louder then ever no silence / choices gathered together with guidance / from the asylum crazy speech biased //

about the future on the horizon / in the distance you can hear the sirens / steps leave imprints running from compliance / but we are all doomed no use in trying // and that's fine but my lines tough not hiding / combine and refine space time defiant / designing realignment minus fighting / clearing up the violence peace inviting // reach enticing with release rewriting / the path we are devising describing / the end of the world stir coinciding / with precipice of change life's prescribing.

There's a comet on it’s way
Maybe be here in a day
Smash your hopes and dreams
maybe birds will be okay
Enjoy your worldly ways
Not much longer will we stay
You might have an opinion
But you wont be here to say
Disapeared not here
Not here to complain
After that half a ya
Is just matter that’s grey
And when were away
And our spirits say grace
They’ll realize inspite
We didnt matter anyway
It was all meaningless
From when we walked straight
To when we went astray
From lies that we told
To the silly games we played
The universe goes on
Even our galaxy
Just keeps spinnin
Like gods the dj
And the party is infinite
Since way before 1993!

But hey what the heck
Lets live it up
Fill me up some liquor in my plastic Cup
Speed to where your going
And show the world whats up
Get college degrees
And other types of paper
Fill steamy bathrooms with
Scented vapors
Run for the gold
Succeed all you can
Die knowing everything
Went according to plan
Set unrealistic goals
And achieve them anyway
Make your moma proud
And the whole family
And haters might hate
But hey don't look at me
I doted all my i's
And crossed All my t's
Swing my golf club
Over some of the finest tees
Saved all my money
To takes cruises on the sea
Even my show dogs
are immune to fleas
So bring on the comet
Smash it all today
Because the memory of me
Is surely here to stay
Track Name: When We're Gone
Sharing a life
Getting older together
Moves me to tears
Enduring the weather
Storms and sunshine
Clouds and rain
I can remember
Nights I stayed out late
So unfair to you
Treated this way
Worried all night
About where I might be
Fallen from a roof
Or nabbed by police
So now i choose
Family first
And I feel i’m blessed
Not one for religion
But i feel im blessed
Maybe everything
Was just a big test
So i work at this
And now we rest
In a beautiful home
With ones to love
Free to roam
Peace like a dove
Spread it out
Wings of a dove
Fly together
Message from above

.lava breath stench of death till nothing’s left / semblance of devilish heaven sent / evidence so prevalent remembering / that everything is everything blessed // triple six pick up sticks dice roll throw fits / stippled in black ink drink so cold flow drips / equipped missile hits rippling crowds quick / loud lip sound bliss pounding surrounding mist // you can feel it all around and deep within / the way it steals what was locked up safe and then / gets sold back to you two fold and begins / to revel in the peddling of grim // doom winds soothing and booming come right in / darkness harnessed and varnished like night sins / eat carcass diet destroy beats artist writing / sight heartless defeat targets.
Track Name: Beautiful River
there's a beautiful river that flows down the mountain
there's a beautiful river that flows to the sea
there's a beautiful river that flows down the mountain
there's a beautiful river between you and me

.whens theres smooth sailing the calm is ailing / arrangements of statements proof displaying / the truth prevailing with music making / soothing harmonics lost in this stasis // whens theres rough waters sirens start wailing / calamity surrounding seas breaking / hemispheres aching insanity taking / apart the peace of mind to blind places // now unable to find entwined manic / these tight cables to wind designed panic / pacific and Atlantic combatants / deliver what is tragic sink titanic // and this life raft wont be abandoned / so much to see that hasn’t been planned yet / locked these two in life like tides moon planet / no matter where we land we’re never stranded.

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